Most punters prefer to stick with what they know in terms of their betting and good advice this is too. Knowledge and understanding are powerful allies against the bookmaker and backing what you think will happen based upon your sound judgement and clever intuition is usually preferable to having a wild stab-in-the-dark guess as to what may happen.

Occasionally however we may endure a run of poor luck or form with our bets, or we may feel a change is needed. I was in that situation a while back and I sated myself by looking for a new market to bet on. I found it with the NFL handicap market.

Now, I have to state here, that I am a big NFL fan. So I have a decent understanding of the game and the teams who play in it. However the handicap system of betting means that even the novice has as good a chance of success as the more experienced NFL fan and to explain how the handicap system works (which is very similar to Asian Handicap betting), I’ll take a real life example…

The NFL season kicks off on the 10th September with the current Superbowl holders the New Orleans Saints taking on the Minnesota Vikings in a rematch of the NFC title game from last season. Currently with TitanBet you can get odds of the New Orleans Saints winning with a -4 point handicap of 1.96 while the Vikings with a +4 handicap are 1.85.

This means that if you back the Vikings to win and they either win the game, or lose it by 1, 2 or 3 points, then you will win your bet. Their +4 handicap meaning that your bet has more chance of winning.

In contrast, if you back the Saints to win the game and they only win by 1,2 or 3 points, you lose the bet as their handicap of -4 means that when it is applied, the Vikings would still win the game.

Handicaps usually range from + or – 0.5 to + or – 7. For example in the games that weekend, the Tennessee Titans (who finished last season strongly with 8 wins in their last 9 games) take on Oakland (who had another poor season, winning only a handful of games) in Memphis, Tennessee. As a result, Tennessee’s handicap is -7 and Oakland +7, meaning the Titans have to win by eight points to win the bet.

This form of betting is hugely popular in America where millions of dollars are bet on the outcome of each game with regards to the handicap and experts in the field will often proclaim to have some foolproof system to help pick out the matches which offer the best handicap value for the punter.

Though, I remain a firm believer in my own gut reaction.

So if you are looking for a new challenge this September and an exciting new market to try out, then have a look at NFL handicap betting. It can be as profitable as it is enjoyable. And if you fancy starting out on the opening weekend, here are my tips.

Back the Indianapolis Colts (-3) as they visit Houston Texans (+3). Peyton Manning will pick apart a Houston defence that ships points and although the Texans are strong on offense, they won’t trouble a young and improving Colts defense unduly. The Colts should win this one by 10+.

Avoid Tennessee Titans (-7) against the Oakland Raiders (+7). Oakland have nothing to lose at LP Field and the Titans will be expected to win. However the Titans are notoriously slow starters, don’t score